Home Inspections - Why you MUST hire a Pro

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Home Inspections - Why You MUST Hire a Pro

I can tell you first-hand the importance of a home inspection.  Several years ago, I purchased a home from another investor.  That person bought the home as a HUD foreclosure, did a lot of remodeling and then sold as a FSBO.  I found the home, purchased it and did my own inspection.  After all, as an investor, I knew a lot about houses and wanted to save a little money.  

Well, several years went by and I had to have the electrical meter replaced.  When the city inspector came to take a look, he wanted to see the entire house (oh heck, not good).  When he did, he noticed that the electrical panel was incorrectly installed in a bathroom, that was also unsafe.  Thinking about it, I completely understand how that was a problem and I was lucky nothing happened while I was renting to tenants.

Of course, I had (and wanted) to fix that problem.  How much was the repair you ask?  Well, it was enough into the thousands that I learned not to skip a few hundred dollar inspection when purchasing a home.

My example might be extreme, but any previous owner of a home could've had improvements that weren't to code.  Even if a previous owner hired a contractor, the work might have needed a permit that was skipped.  If you buy a home and decide not to have a professional inspection, you risk having a problem while you live there or a home inspector finding issues when you sell.  Further, there are the safety issues and it's just not worth the risk to save a little money. 

So in summary, always, always, always, hire a professional home inspector, and hire one of the best!  Ask your Realtor for a few references.  Quite frankly, I even recommend a professional home inspection for new construction.  If you want to know more, I'd be happy to answer your questions and/or recommend a few inspectors.  Call, text or send me an email.

Happy house hunting.  It's awesome when done correctly.